//can you make me look 20 years younger or like _____ celebrity?

The short answer is no and if you are looking for heavy editing then I am not the photographer for you... and that's ok! The long answer is: I use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to make minimal edits to my images, only with the intent to enhance the composition and your natural being. and no I cannot and will not make you look skinnier, younger or anything less than you. say overnight you had a breakout, of course I will touch it up, but I will not alter any person's appearance to be anything other than their true self. nothing is more beautiful to me than the real: the sweet glance between fiancees, the electric smile of a mom watching her child or the spark of joy on a person's face. I strive to capture my clients at their most natural and most beautiful, and to most importantly capture those moments that make us smile. 

//can I upload my photos from our shoot to Facebook?

of course! The only thing that I ask is that you credit c.andrews photography with each photo. social media is the key to the growth of c. andrews photography, and nothing makes me happier than when I see my work as your latest Facebook profile picture. 

//are you available for travel interstate/overseas?

absolutely! I keep my passport up-to-date and am always up for an adventure. Travel outside the greater St. Louis area is billed on a reimbursement type basis for airfare, hotel and rental car.  

//can I see all of the raw images from my shoot and edit them myself?

the way I see it is that you hired me based upon either the work on my website or the beautiful shots from your friend's most recent session. the editing process is as much a part of my service as the photography. I can guarantee that the images I present to you are the absolute best of the best and that I spend a great deal of time creating the final product. 

//do I get a cd with all of the high-res edited photos?

instead of sending out CDs, I deliver my images electronically through a stunning gallery that you can share with family and friends. once your images are edited I will send over a link to your own password protected gallery, where you can view and download your files.

//where or how do I get prints?

prints as well as beautiful wrapped canvases and other goodies can be purchased through your gallery. I understand that not everyone is going to buy their prints from me and I know some of you will get your images printed at Walgreens. <-----and that makes a little part of me cry... just a little. I always recommend using a professional lab, even if it's not with me. you are never going to to have your prints look like the images I present to you, if you have them printed at Walgreens, or the like. if you are interested in obtaining prints, I work with a fantastic lab that produces beautiful, high-quality prints that are going to match the beautiful images you see in your gallery.